Suakin Old Town

One of the most striking things about the seaward entrance to Suakin is the dominance of a whole bunch of buildings that look as though they have been shot to pieces. This is Suakin Old Town and the reason these decrepit buildings look so ramshackle is because they are made of coral and collapsed in an earthquake.

Until recently they have not been restored but I noticed there does appear to be some preservation work going on, which is great because a few of the buildings and the minarets are quite impressive. Or at least they were in their day!

I know very little about Suakin Old Town. I don’t know the date of the buildings or the earthquake but it is a very interesting wander on a late afternoon, especially if you dare climb the wonky mosque and take in the westerly aspect of Suakin.

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4 Comments on “Suakin Old Town”

  1. Amazing how you have managed to catch the light so well. With the backdrop of the sea and town, the shots capture that feeling of desolation after such a natural catastrophe destroys what man has created.

  2. While I agree with all the previous comments, so won’t repeat them, I particularly enjoyed the shot of the VdG boats in the back ground, bringing it all home and making it so much more personal. Since we know many of the participants on this rally we do appreciate the effort to keep us informed and up-to-date! It is quite fascinating. Thankyou!

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