Speak Soon, Spooners!

Not much else to report, we had another very enjoyable couple of days back in Turkey, some more sailing, more beer drinking, eating good food, swimming, reading, laughing, playing games and whatever else took our fancy.

I learnt a lot about sailing, it was like a crash course as I had never really done any hands on sailing previously, all my boating experience has been under motor and I can definitely see the appeal when the engine is cut and you are purely under way using the power of the elements, it is quite cathartic.

All that’s left to say is to thank our hosts who were brilliant and if any of you reading this get the chance to be invited out to experience this way of life on their boat than seize the opportunity.

Alas I did not catch a fish but as my favourite fishing saying goes “you can only catch what’s in front of you”.

Cheers  J+L  we’ll be back ya spooners.

Finally, a word from our special surprise visitor, all the way from South Africa (click ‘Next Post’, below)…

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