See-Saw Rides In Aspat Köyü

Regular site visitors will already be familiar with Salih and Bilge, two local friends who join us on Esper whenever they are able to take time out from their busy schedules. Their plan is to buy their own boat one day so any experience is important to them. Salih spent six years working on the gullets, so his anchoring tips should have been useful.

Unfortunately on this particular day a combination of my bad judgement, not enough chain and a rolling southerly swell meant we had an uncomfortable night. I let the others have the aft cabin and I took the front bunk, which was like riding a see-saw. Meanwhile Salih and Bilge trapped a mozzie in the cabin and spent the night trying to locate it. Involuntarily Salih and I ended up doing early morning anchor watches to make sure the anchor didn’t drag. It did.

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