Problems Anchoring

Before we weighed anchor we popped over to say goodbye to Mustafa and the staff at the Sailor’s House and to let him know we would return with a bottle of raki to thank him for his hospitality. As if he hadn’t done enough already he invited us to sit down with his staff and share some water melon and cheese, a simple Turkish breakfast. Again we reminded him that we had no money but he wasn’t having any of it and insisted that we join him. We couldn’t refuse and so we sat down and chatted to Danielle, a Belgian who had set up camp at Mustafa’s and was studying the ancient ruins of the area.

Approach to the Sailor's House

Approach to the Sailor's House

Eventually we set sail and made the most of the strong winds blowing from behind and set some more records on Esper, this time over 7 knots with just a reefed jib and no other sail. Still, with true wind speeds of up to 30 knots this is hardly surprising! Unfortunately the winds meant that we struggled to anchor in two locations, Gerbekse and Ciftlik, so we continued on round the corner towards Marmaris and found a great little spot called Kadirga Limani. It was populated with very loud French and Germans in gullets but they got themselves to bed whilst Liz and I were still playing Scrabble (yes, Liz thashed me once again).

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