Pre-Onum Festival In Cochin

Onum is a festival celebrated in Kerala, India and it lasts two weeks. There’s no big culmination, it’s just a period of rest and reflection and for many life goes on as normal.

Captured here are people at work and hanging out around Cochin during this period.

Click on the slideshow, below, and use the bottom-right button to go in to full-screen mode.

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6 Comments on “Pre-Onum Festival In Cochin”

  1. Fantastic photos. I sometimes do a topic based on a trligy called The Wheel of Surya which begins and ends in a village in India….and yes, we therefore base all our work on the country. I think there may be yet more of your work shown in my classroom. Love the Rangoli atr on the doorstep.

    My brother and his wife spent some time in India on their epic trip. He said he found the caste system was still very evident. Do you find this to be true?

    1. Don’t worry, Nance, I knew what you were talking about!

      The caste system is still very much in play, despite some arguing to the contrary. The most obvious evidence of it is watching modern Bollywood films: the beautiful heroes and heroins are all pale-skinned. Many, though not all, of the rich ‘well-to-do’ Indians are from the upper castes. This is just a cursory observation, however, and not something I have investigated fully. I’m not entrenched enough into the social culture to fully understand the caste system’s nuances so it would be unfair of me to make sweeping conclusions, but the Bollywood observation is quite an obvious example.

  2. Oh, we are letter writing this week…and yes, you guessed it you and Liz are the intended recipients. We have to do informal and formal letters so some may begin ‘YO, Jamie and Liz’ and continue in that style, while others ‘ Dear Mr Furlong….’ I hope you don’t mind us using you as our purpose for writing but it’s better if it’s ‘real’…..Millie may even receive some too!!!

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