Photographing The Old Boys Of Fethiye

old11111My second photography project of Fethiye happened by accident. I was cruising around on me bike and came across this cafe, which is always full of old boys playing board games, watching the world go by and drinking tea. I suspect they would have been playing backgammon until recently; now Rummicub (known as Okay in Turkey)  is all the rage.

I dropped my bike on the floor and got chatting to the waiter, who was about my age. Everyone else around us was 65 and over, some a generation older than that. Not a woman in sight. The waiter explained that all the retired men of Fethiye hang out in his cafe, supping tea, gambling with small change and generally making small talk. When I asked permission to photograph them the waiter said not only would this not be a problem, it was expected.

It turned out that this was a popular spot for the tourists and the men were more than happy to have their picture taken. Most of them anyway. Boy could these guys pull a pose! I loved shooting every single one of them.

Before clicking on the first thumbnail, please ensure the page has fully loaded. Scroll through the gallery by clicking on the << and >> buttons at the bottom of each picture. Click on the picture to finish.

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5 Comments on “Photographing The Old Boys Of Fethiye”

  1. 🙄 boy, you surely did catch the collection of the old goats of fethiye, 😉 I wonder what well look like if we ever make that age,lots of regards ,love& peace mate..

  2. love the pics. We’re back in turkey (Selimiye) now for a couple more weeks before having to return to the real work in the UK. Would love to catch up what are your sailing plans for the next ten days?

  3. Hi Jamie
    Brilliant pics – especially No1 – you should do an enlargement. Would also be brilliant if you photographed them at work & play – i.e. playing the board games etc etc.
    Really enjoyed them though.
    A Chris

  4. No. 6 looks like an older and even uglier Chris Moyles! Good photos but not sure what you’ve done with the lighting on these shots?

  5. Thanks for your comments, chaps. Kat, I’m guilty of some post-production, I’m afraid. Unfortunately I can’t carry lights, filters and reflectors on me bike!

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