Nowhere to run

It’s a pretty day in Sabah today, with a light breeze and blue skies. And oh so silent. There’s no-one here because the marina has closed. No guests, no staff, no restaurants; lights out.

Is it the same where you are?

The world is falling silent as we all gradually come to terms with self-isolation and get used to keeping ourselves busy at home. With the virus spreading, countries are trying to contain it by keeping us all inside and away from each other. That’s fine, but what about those of us who no longer have an income?

Sabah is a very poor state and the people are anxious. We are doing what we can to give them employment, but now we’re at the stage where no-one is allowed to leave their homes it’s difficult.

Yesterday a meeting was held in the marina to get us up to speed on the situation. In this video we cover the meeting, our take on it and the changes which came into effect later in the day…

When the meeting finished we realised that all the shops except food stores and pharmacies would be closed the next day, so we rushed off to buy these foldable chairs to make our own pontoon pub. Not bad, are they?

It looks like Malaysia is about to stop all sailing vessels from cruising in their waters. How soon will Indonesia follow? And what about Thailand where the virus is spreading daily.

If we are allowed to leave the marina it will mean sailing out of Malaysia to a new country. But where? Indonesia and the Philippines don’t want us…

We’ll be sitting tight for a while. But we’re not complaining, there are worse places to be, we have water, electricity and the marina grounds to walk and exercise in.

And while this nightmare unfolds for all of us, we will continue to upload our weekly episodes along with these bulletins of life in lockdown.

As always, thanks for supporting us and allowing us to share our adventure with you.

Stay safe

Liz, Jamie and Millie xxx


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