Loving Langkawi: Part 2

Zionel the mechanic returns and fits our reconditioned gear box and new damping plate. Whilst he is doing this we isolate the power and the solar panels to the batteries so that when he leaves Liz can tend to her job of checking the batteries.

Loving Langkawi Part 2 – Video

If you don’t have the energy to scroll through text and pictures then skip it all and watch the video instead.

After Zionel has fitted the refurbished gear box and new damping plate, Liz checks the batteries just before we take the rest of the afternoon off and go for a drive.

Liz checks the batteries for charge and specific gravity

Liz checks the batteries for charge and specific gravity

Telaga, Pantai Kok and The Seven Wells

Telaga is Langkawi’s second marina so we take you for a wander around the north side of the harbour, which houses a rather splendid patisserie and an Italian restaurant with excellent service. These are two of our favourite spots, but check out the video to see how continental it feels.

We move on to the curiously-named Pantai Kok (Kok Beach), where Liz talks about how this is a busy little anchorage for yachties, and a busy spot for locals too, who come here at lunchtime for picnics by the beach.

Liz bathing in the pools at the Seven Wells

Liz bathing in the pools at the Seven Wells

Millie's eyes go a bit funny after a few gins

Millie’s eyes go a bit funny after a few gins

Legenda Park

Our final stop before heading back to the boat is Legenda Park, situated between Kuah’s main mosque and the jetty. This manicured treasure is under-rated, perhaps because most people don’t like to be out in the midday sun, yet there are many covered walkways to perambulate. The park has some interesting and sometimes amusing water features and a large part of the park is put aside for swings and slides, so it’s a great place to bring the kids. For the adults there’s plenty of flora to discover. We return to the park in the evening and catch all kinds of creatures lit up by coloured lights in the trees.

Legenda Park, Langkawi

Legenda Park, Langkawi

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4 Comments on “Loving Langkawi: Part 2”

  1. I am disappointed that Millie is into the gin these days. I thought she came from better sailing stock on the rum side of things. I best think better set to sea again and relearn the ropes of being a true sailor. Send her over here to the pirate infested waters of the western Indian Ocean for retraining.

    1. As Millie says, “Listen, love, I take it where I find it.” If there’s no rum around, she’s partial to the odd G&T after a long day of sleeping 😉

  2. Just finished watching your latest episode. It’s hard for my husband and I to watch without “coveting they neighbors life”… We SO love you guys and hope to someday meet up at an anchorage… Best of EVERYTHING to you both! Check us out at YourCompassWithin.com. 🙂


    Rebecca Peña-Lippert


    1. How very kind of you, Rebecca. Thanks for the comment. Gonna have a look at your website in a moment. Interested to see that you’re based in Puget Sound. It’s an area we’d love to get to one day. I’m guessing your boat is kitted out with heater and well insulated? I think we’d need to modify Esper somewhat to be sailing that far north! Fair winds, and if you start heading west do let us know. We’d love to hook up.

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