Sailing into the jungle

The Kinabatangan River, at 342 miles, is the second longest river in Malaysia. Bordered by mangroves, rain forest, limestone caves and swamps, it’s like nowhere we have sailed before.

As we made our way up river through the orange water and an occasional storm, we were on the lookout for crocodiles, proboscis monkeys, orangutans, pygmy elephants, hornbills, egrets and any wildlife its banks would reveal to us. We also kept a very careful watch for all the logs hurtling towards us at all angles.

But before we could get excited about what the jungle would bring, we had to get there. The entrance is shallow, with a shoal that runs across its entrance. We arrived from Sandakan on a high tide, but even so we navigated with a careful eye on the depth.

Once over the bar, we picked a hazardous passage through the equally shallow meandering curves of this prehistoric river. The advice was to stick to the outside corners as much as possible where it’s deeper.

Thank you for your fantastic support and for encouraging our travel story-telling.

Peace and fair winds,

Liz and Jamie xx


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