In The Summertime

I know it’s been a while, but I’ve had a very busy summer and have simply not had time to put paw to keyboard. I’ve been to Cyprus, you know, and I’ve been all the way along the Turkish coast to Alanya.


The thing about Cyprus is, it doesn’t have any fish. Every time we put my basket down full of bread it came back up with nothing in it. This went on for weeks! Mum and Dad searched in vain all around the ‘Panhandle’ of Cyprus for fish, but they didn’t find any. Eventually they gave up and took me back to Turkey. Cyprus is also a bit further away than other places. We sailed at night. I like that. Mum and Dad put my lead on, but I didn’t mind as I just slept in the cockpit most of the time.




I was glad to be back in Turkey, but the thing about Alanya is that it also doesn’t have any fish. It does have a marina with no boats in it and a few fairly scary feral cats. That didn’t bother me though. I still managed to trap myself inside the marina boss’s yacht and had a fight or two with the local moggies. I won.


One weird thing during our time in Cyprus and Alanya was that there was another boat next to us all the time. It was called ‘Dragon Song’. What was great about that boat was the mainsail cover and doghouse roof, both excellent for sleeping in or on. I miss that boat.


Kekova Roads was all right. They had fish there. But they also had a very loud electrical storm that kept me awake all night. I wasn’t scared, I just preferred to be below.


We ended the summer back in Skopea Limanı where I entertained my Dad’s parents for a week. I enchanted them with my super intelligence and gorgeous soft fur. I talked to them, but it just made them laugh . At night I slept on them and guarded them in their cabin. I think I did a pretty good job.


The most important piece of information I have to tell everyone is that I now have my own rope ladder on the swimming platform. My Mum made it for me. I’ve had good use out of it too. Whilst in Boynüz Bükü I showed them how useful it is by leaping from the dinghy several times and swimming round the boat. The ladder’s easy-peasy to use. I’m a pretty good swimmer as I’m sure I don’t need to tell you.


We’re in Fethiye for the winter, tied onto the Yacht Plaza pontoon. Not the best place for fish, at least that’s what my Mum says. Luckily for me there’s a friendly fisherman here who gives me some of his catch. And the other thing is that very small fish like to leap onto the pontoon so that I can eat them.


I’m starting to get the impression that my Mum and Dad aren’t very good at fishing.



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  1. You really need to get afishing rod for Millie, Jamie, or she will starve. That would be a cat-astrophe! 😉

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