If You’re Uncertain, Stop And Think

barnacle-paimpLeaving the pontoon at Lezerdrieux was difficult with the tide against us but we managed to sail to our next destination and anchored up just off Isl de Brehat. Liz and I rowed ashore where we discovered a beautiful island in full bloom. It just felt rude not to stop off for a cider and crepe too. We rowed back to the boat and Jon and Linda went off to discover the island as Liz and I just sat on deck in the sun and chilled. Perfect.

Later on in the afternoon we learnt a very useful lesson from Jon when we motored on to our next destination, Paimpol. As we approached the river from the north we were supposed to be finding a transit, made up of two white buildings, one on the shore and one on the hill. The idea was to avoid some rather rocky patches. We spent some time trying to find the two buildings but when we did they didn’t line up properly – they were just out. Jon was not happy with this but the rest of us seemed quite content to just come in at the angle we had been approaching from. It meant that we were to go the wrong side of a jutting rock but it seemed deep enough. As we approached the rock Jon suddenly decided it wasn’t right and turned the boat round 180 degrees and went back out to sea. We all looked at each other and questioned his actions. Linda, Liz and I all felt that the approach was perfectly safe but clearly Jon wasn’t happy with the fact that the compass was disagreeing with the pilot guide, which in turn was disagreeing with the transit. With tempers getting a little shorter Jon tried it again and this time the transit matched perfectly and we approached the river from the correct angle.

So what was the lesson learnt? Simple really. Always err on the side of caution if things do not seem quite right. Don’t try and ‘force’ your passage into an angle that doesn’t match the suggested instructions. Generally a compass won’t lie so if it’s telling you you are 10 degrees out, then you probably are. Thanks to Jon’s sensible and considered approach we successfully made our way up the river with no problems, despite the fact that all his crew were moaning about him being over cautious!

We made our way through the lock and with it being Liz’s last night the two of us went out for a lovely meal.

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