How to get rid of rats on a sailboat

How to get rid of rats on a sailboat? We had rats in the boatyard, on the boat, under the boat, inside the boat and running around all the buildings. With no cats around, Penuwasa boatyard was a haven for the beasties.

After Episode 247 (where you see Liz trying to get her teeth in properly to speak about rats, and where Jamie holds one up in a trap to camera) lots of people asked us to talk more on the subject. So, in this week’s video we give you the full low-down on what we’ve experienced and how we deal with rats. Believe us when we say that we learned the fast way in Kudat!

How to get rid of rats

One down…more to go!

But it’s not a completely rat-infested video. Jamie talks about the new (to us) anti-foul we are experimenting with and the added magic ingredient which we mixed in at the last minute.

There’s a few seconds of a grumpy Liz mending the dinghy cover and we get to grips with the worn out hoses on the auxiliary oil filter.

But first we have to wait for a dry weather window and borrow a yard worker from a fellow yachtie…

How to get rid of rats

Scourge of all boats!

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