With big increases in traffic and subscriptions we’re dedicating more time to make your visit to followtheboat hassle-free and fast.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we’ve been up to for the geeks out there…


You’ll notice that when you visit a address it’s served up using the https protocol. The ‘s’ stands for ‘secure’ and uses a separate protocol called SSL. You don’t need to know how it does this, but what it means is that every page on is now protected. You’ll notice your browser shows as ‘Secure’ in the address bar, along with a locked padlock icon. This is especially important for our Shop as it protects any data you input when making a purchase. Please be assured we do not share your data with ANYONE except our printers, who need your delivery address, and Getreponse, who serve up our weekly emails.
followtheboat is secure

Please note we no longer use the ‘www’ in front of our address. Just type ‘’ and you’re good to go.


We’re now serving our pages via a CDN. A Content Distribution Network is a service that serves up followtheboat’s pages locally. That means rather than serving up the website via our host based in Canada, it uses local servers closest to you. The advantage is that the content has less far to travel before loading up in your browser.

Image shows a traditional single-server distribution vs a CDN scheme of distribution


Our pages are zipped and cached. This means that rather than building the page uniquely every time you visit, many aspects of the content are cached. This results in faster page-load times.

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Fast Page Rankings


Whilst we’ve been doing all of this we’ve been checking our page rankings using services like and This helps us fine-tune the website and reduce page-load times. The upshot of increased page-rankings is that Google treats us fairly, which is nice.

followtheboat fast page rankings


So what does this mean?

Nothing, other than a faster, more secure browsing experience on! We hope you like what you see but if you have any concerns, observations or feedback, do let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, here’s a reminder of why we sail and travel…



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