Followtheboat Has Gone Responsive

The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted some pretty big changes on We’ve completely redesigned the blog so that it is now ‘responsive’. What does this mean?

Basically our new stripped-down and extra funky website can now be viewed on your phone or tablet as well as on your computer. Even if we say so ourselves, it’s looking pretty damn cool!

As more internet users view the web through touch-screen devices, including iPads, smartphones and Galaxy tablets, so web designers have had to rethink design approaches to accommodate different screen sizes. Without boring you with technical details our new design will stretch and squish according to your screen size. If you have a tablet or smart phone, take a look; touch-scrolling on the new followtheboat website is a joy to use. And if you still use a computer, try resizing the screen and refreshing the page to see what happens. It’s all clever stuff.

The new design means:

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  • viewable on any device
  • easier navigation
  • comment on our website via your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google account – there’s loads to choose from
  • more ways for us to format our blog posts
  • all blog categories now appear under ‘Blog
  • quick link to latest post
  • interactive map of our sailing locations
  • separate Media section for easier access to our videos, apps, podcasts and profiles
  • easier to share to your social media websites
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  • main comments section reinstated
  • add images and html to your comments
  • a contacts page with email forms and links to our email updates and RSS feed
  • other sailing blogs reinstated – if you have one, feel free to add it in
  • search bar that actually works
  • new Portfolio category of our commissioned work (still filling in the gaps)
  • quick links to our own websites and other social media websites
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RSS Feed Address Change

If you get our news via RSS feed, please note that the feed address has changed. It is now

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We’d love to hear your feedback, especially if you use a touch-screen device.

Use the reinstated comments page for your thoughts. If you’re still using a computer, does it work ok?

Or do you wish you had a tablet to pinch and scroll your way through followtheboat?

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2 Comments on “Followtheboat Has Gone Responsive”

  1. Looks good on my (pc) screen and adapts smoothly to any changes I make to the width of the browser.
    I will take a look on my tablet later on…

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