Esper Sails Herself

And before we know it, we’re back in Turkey having had a fantastic crossing, including eight hours of not touching the helm due to some canny sail trim.



I never did get round to writing that essay on Angry Greeks; there are many, many more photographs in the archive I just didn’t have time to edit and I’m sure there’s more video clips we could upload. Sometimes writing this log is exhausting but it means we really get to examine our experiences in different places around the world, and our time in Cyprus was a real eye-opener. It’s great to see Liz writing more of the log so I can spend more time taking pictures; we’re working well as a team to provide you with a bit of fun and entertainment.


Hearing your feedback always makes it worth our while, and one feature I’m still asked about is the Through The Porthole interviews. On the next page is the latest interview, with Ilkin of Delta Marina, organiser of the Kuzey Kibris Rally we sailed from Turkey to Cyprus to attend.



“Hey, isn’t anyone going to ask me what I thought of Cyprus? After all my opinion is the most important here. To be honest Cyprus isn’t all that: there were no fish for me to eat and the local cats aren’t all that clever. Certainly not as clever as my pen-friend from Bodrum, who sent me the brief message, below”


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One Comment on “Esper Sails Herself”

  1. Dear Millie,

    “now that I know that you are MILES away from my home and pushing even farther, I feel safe to drop you a line and wish you luck… As you may know my Mum and Dad have decided to leave me behind while they go explore other shores (can’t blame them really, I couldn’t move from this safe neighbourhood, you know, I have my habits …): I am a little but worried about my future (I don’t think there is anybody on this earth and seas remotely as sweet as my Mommy…) so I’ve decided to get an education about world affairs, just in case. I just can’t believe the kind of worries humans have ! They should learn that all it takes to be happy is a full bowl of food, a nice spot to nap, some mice to chase and a bit of cuddling. Easy. But I’ll keep reading …. Prrrrrrr to you, happy swimming (aarghhh, brrrrrr !),”

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