Crew: Siesta

English Harbour to Green Island: March 2004

Geoff bought his 34ft Sparkman and Stevens for a bargain, paying about three dollars for it a few years ago. Siesta, a tiller-steered vessel, has seen its fair share of action having crossed the Atlantic a few times. It spends most of its time in English Harbour in Antigua but looks like she’ll be heading back over to the Med, down the west coast of Africa and eventually up the River Gambia!

Some found Nicki's joke funnier than others

Some found Nicki's joke funnier than others

Liz and I were introduced to Geoff by Dobby, and is based in English Harbour working as a chippie. Originally reigning from Cowes, Isl of Wight, sailing is obviously in Geoff’s blood. He’s single-handedly crossed the pond a couple of times, which when you think about it is pretty remarkable. To get round the problem of sleeping at the wheel Geoff recommends tying the bosun’s chair across the cockpit with a spare halyard and using the egg timer set every fifteen minutes to wake him up. Nutter.

The westerly winds had taken their toll on the crew

The westerly winds had taken their toll on the crew

Nicki, also from Cowes, was on holiday visiting Geoff, whilst Dobby (sorry, James) has been out in Antigua working since we last left him in the new year.


Don't tell me, you too want to visit Green Island!

Whist Liz and Jamie are planning a future together on the seas this was actually the first time they have sailed together, so this 18 mile round trip was a great little taster of things to come.

Liz in relaxed mode

Liz in relaxed mode

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  1. great article and photos! Ah the good times we had at Green Island! Just came across this lot after 6 years!!

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