Celebrating My 15,000th Nautical Mile

Our one and only stop after leaving Salalah would be Ras Al Hallaniya island, which is part of the Kuria Muria Islands, 30 miles away from the piracy attack Liz and I overheard on the VHF the other week. It was stunning though and it would be the last time we took a dip in the bath-like waters, snorkelled in the bay and hunted for shells on the beach, before setting off for India. The north east corner of the rock formation looked like a pop-art version of Mount Rushmore.

Hallaniyah western anchorage looking north towards Mount Rushmore

We spent one night there and then set off at 7am the following morning, throwing the line out the back of the boat. By 1100 we had caught the most incredible electric blue-looking dorado!

Now I’ve caught a number of dorado in my time, chiefly whilst crossing the Atlantic back in 2003. They were all a wonderful green-yellow colour. This dorado, however, was very definitely blue. Of course the following picture of this 93cm, 8lb beauty has him looking green-yellow, but in the water he was a wonderful blue, honest…

Unbeknownst to me at the time this memorable moment was actually my 15,000th nautical mile at sea! What a way to celebrate! Needless to say that fish fed us for many days and Millie was pretty pleased with the catch too.

Rhumb Do at anchor, Ras Hallaniyah

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6 Comments on “Celebrating My 15,000th Nautical Mile”

  1. what we want to know is what the best way is to beat the pirate problem – submarine excepted, is it convoy, armed escort, cape of good hope, invisibility cloak harry potter-wise, or … over-to-u.
    please enlighten us all, as we want to action replay. after 15 k miles u must be able to answer this one!

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