Catch #3: Carangidae/Pompano

Started fishing at 5 this morning, about the time the cicadas started. The anchorage is a stunning setting, especially at that time of day. I put some coffee on and chucked some crumbs out the back. Not much action for a bit until I attracted the attention of just three fish. In all the time at this anchorage (two nights) these are the only fish I’ve seen.


From the Pompano family

Anyway, it didn’t take long to hook the smallest one, which is Esper’s third fish caught (my second) by line (i.e. not trolling). As usual Millie went mental and even managed to sink her teeth into its neck. At the time of writing this I’m hoping to catch the other two to make some kind of lunch but the sun is now up, it’s 7.30 and I think the other two have got wise.

I’m hooked.


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