What cruising boat should you buy?

[S03E07] What cruising boat should you buy? Is it OK to cross oceans on a Beneteau, or would a bluewater cruiser like our Oyster be safer? Do catamarans make good cruising boats? And should you buy new or old?

In this week’s Table of Bollocks…

  • They are chopping down the rainforest!
  • Russia has invaded Ukraine
  • A word on this podcast
  • Our armed escort
  • Are we allowed to check into Indonesia?
  • Where can we go in Indonesia?
  • How to get to Sulawesi?
  • Should we sail off on our own now?
  • Fridge failure!
  • We’re in quarantine
  • B&G repeater failure!
  • Thanks for your well wishes
  • Vacuum sealers: good or bad for the planet?
  • The joy of sailing again!
  • Cockpit set-up
  • Mono v Cat: Chocolate v Chips?

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