Failing Equipment in Pirate Waters

Failing Equipment in Pirate Waters

There have been kidnappings and piracy for decades along the northern and eastern coast of Sabah, so equipment failure in these dangerous pirate waters is the last thing we need.

Failing Equipment in Pirate Waters

In fact, this otherwise beautiful sailing area has been disputed for centuries by Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. So we were delighted and grateful that ESSCOM (the Sabah defence task force) joined us on our three hundred miles of day hops.

Sailing close to our buddy boats, we pick our way through the dangers (known and unknown) and touch on these subjects:

  • Leaving before dawn
  • B&G display failure
  • Sailing round the Tip of Borneo
  • Approaching our first anchorage
  • Karakit anchorage
  • Sink pump maintenance
  • Another early start before dawn
  • A welcome military escort from ESSCOM

Watch the full video here:

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