We Will Never Buy A Cat

[S03E06] Jamie says he HATES cats (not the furry kind, he LOVES those). But does he really? And could there ever be a time when we would buy a catamaran? Does it all come down to price? What do you think?

  • Hello from a beautiful and dangerous anchorage
  • Do sea gypsies have the right idea about life?
  • Why have we sailed only 250 miles in 8 days?
  • Why did we get stuck for a day?
  • Pros and cons of rallies and buddy boating
  • How is the passage going so far?
  • Fishing on passage
  • Using our new WAECO freezer
  • My NEW fishing line is degraded
  • Our cruising lifestyle
  • Storm Eunice: worrying about friends at home
  • Lithium batteries: your comments
  • Your comments: “Listener/viewer generated content”
  • Selling SY Esper Pt 1
  • How to pronounce BUOY!
  • Selling SY Esper Pt 2
  • We will NEVER buy a CATAMARAN (Probably…)
  • Where will we live on our new boat?
  • How would we refit a new boat?
  • Difference between a Pilot Guide and a Cruising Guide
  • What’s a yacht?
  • Getting it WRONG!

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