Additional lithium battery installation

Additional lithium battery installation

We spent the last couple of days before our departure ticking off a few small jobs. And then, quite unexpectedly, our additional lithium batteries turned up. This was cause for celebration as we had not thought they would arrive before our deadline to leave. Hooray!

Additional lithium battery installation

Unpacked and lined up ready to be installed

This extra 200 amps of power would be a boost to the extra pressure from our new freezer. And it would mean that life at anchor over the next months would be easier and give us more freedom.

With no room in the existing battery box, Jamie needed to find a place to install the new set of batteries. Since we no longer used the old freezer, he settled on this unutilised space to double up as a secure battery box.

Renovation and Repair

After a break for Lunar New Year, the well-known festival celebrated in many faiths and countries, we were ready to get going. But would the batteries be ready in time?

Additional lithium battery installation

Cabling and soldering

See more about the installation and some of the other small jobs in the video:

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