Are We Tourists?

[S03E02] The series continues with a rambling walk through our thoughts on everything from kelapas under palapas, brushing shoulders with sharks and what to expect at the table of bollocks. To giving up alcohol, Jamie’s generator woes and finding out what floats Liz’s boat most. But are we tourists?

  • Liz has been shirking her responsibilities
  • Three days of admin applying for a visa to sail to Indonesia
  • We went out to anchor to check our boat systems
  • Jamie’s generator woes
  • Chinese New Year’s nearly here, but will everything close?
  • Jamie’s generator woes Pt 2
  • What’s this podcast supposed to be about?
  • Jamie loves Liz
  • Our ugly mugs and syndicating the podcast
  • Everything you said was crap: how we came up with “Casting Off”
  • Jamie sounds off all the time
  • Sipadan adventure – has lockdown made the wildlife less scared?
  • Rubbing shoulders with sharks
  • Why haven’t you watched Ep 286 yet?
  • What floats Liz’s boat most of all?
  • Jamie’s underwater gear
  • Last week’s podcast
  • Two twats talking bollocks
  • If you’re listening, send us a comment to @followtheboat via Twitter
  • Explaining why you’re hearing background noise
  • Who are YOU? Reading your comments
  • Who races their home?
  • Are we tourists?
  • Can you eat a kelapa under a palapa?
  • The mythical Table of Knowledge, Bullshit or Bollocks?
  • More comments
  • What’s the No 1 quality in any cruiser?
  • More comments
  • Loads of comments on giving up alcohol
  • Do you go into “holiday mode” as a cruiser?
  • Leave a comment here or tweet to @followtheboat
  • Jamie tells us what he’s doing next…

So, what do YOU think? Are we tourists?

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