Albufeira. Club 18-30 Here We Come!

As suggested to me, I made my way down to the marina in order to tout for a space on a ship so I could continue my journey. Unfortunately I discovered that, of all the marinas I had visited thus far, this was the first that was locked up behind security doors! Each pontoon had a swipe card system to prevent random people like me from entering. Instead I had to make do with placing a note on the notice board in the marina reception, in the vain hope that someone would read it and get in touch.

oldlog-163Although a little disappointed I decided that a trip to Vilamoura should more than make up for my lack of progress. The marina there is the biggest in Portugal, with over a 1,000 berths, so I should have been laughing. However I had heard that this was one of the most expensive areas of the Algarve so to stay there would have been uneconomical. Instead I had to consider the possibility of staying in Albufeira. Ever heard of it? I had, and it conjured up images of Club 18-30 slags and warm lager.

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