Aerial Video Footage Of Esper Under Sail!

2008 was a great year for new experiences. We packed in quite a bit, meeting new people, sailing to new destinations and all that. One of the highlights, however, has to be sending Liz up into the sky to get a bird’s eye view of Esper under sail, with Mum and Dad helping to hoist some light wind sails.


It was an idea Thomas of ‘Viva Solo’ and I came up with one cold, winter’s evening in the bar. Seemed like a great idea at the time but I soon forgot about it when spring time arrived and we set off eastwards. Some months later I received a call from Susann of ‘Ilios’ who had arranged for Liz to be taken up in a para-sailer, cam-corder in hand, to get some aerial shots for a promotional video I’d agreed to shoot for her!


We should really get Liz’s account of this as filming boats tacking in light airs whilst hoisted by a cable with a cam-corder strapped to her wrist was a real challenge. Bear in mind the boat towing a parasailer can only go into wind, and we only had 10 minutes to get footage of three boats, so it was all a bit frantic. We’ve put together a little montage of Liz’s clips of Esper and we’ve had to put music over the top of it to edit out all the swearing!


Pity poor Mum and Dad who thought they were just coming out for a quiet week chilling in a secluded anchorage. Instead they had to endure their son barking orders at them to hoist sails they’d never seen before, all in time for the parasailer to shoot past us before the winds changed direction. Mum was visibly shaking by the end of it, it was so hectic… but as you can see it was all worth while.


Video Clip

Here’s a youtube high-res version of the clip:



And if that doesn’t work for you then try this google-hosted version.






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