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Liz taking a break in Rhodes, Christmas 2008
Liz taking a break in Rhodes, Christmas 2008

Welcome to the new Followtheboat website! This complete revamp is quite a departure from our old site and we have spent rather a lot of time rebuilding it. But why? It’s only a silly old travelogue! The fact was it was getting to be rather a handful. With increasing site visitors, longer log entries and larger photographs we were forced to make some essential changes, but we think you’ll find it’s all for the best:

1. Easier administration for us, including the ability to update our log via satellite phone, so there’s no requirement for us to attempt to anchor near hotspots! Also the website was getting too big and cumbersome and this new format makes updating the site a lot easier for us.

2. There’s loads of things for you to do as well, including opportunities to leave messages and give feedback on every single article we’ve written, plus you can email any article to your friends who may be interested in our observations and pictures.

3. The site is designed to be more intuitive to navigate, with the ability to search the whole website by key word, archive or category. It’s based upon the simple chronological blog format, and the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons allow you to scroll through the blog more easily.

4. Subscribe to automated email updates, making it easier for you and us to stay in touch with each other.

5. Slicker photo galleries, since we’re spending more time on the pictures.

6. Oh, the list goes on!

For those of you familiar with the older layout we’ve written a guide for you in how to navigate the new site (see here) and for new users we encourage you to trawl through some of the weird and wonderful words and pictures we’ve put together for this travelogue, which began way back in 2003. Also if you’re new to FTB there’s a whole section dedicated to explaining exactly what FTB is all about (see the About section).

Either way, we recommend that you Subscribe to our Updates so we can stay in touch.


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