Canon’s Waterproof, 3D Digital Compact Camera – Bargain!

Yotties, divers and landlubbers alike are going to love Canon’s latest product release: a waterproof 3D compact digital camera, retailing at $250!

Launched last week at the Digital Camera, Imaging and Media Show (DCIM Show) Canon were demonstrating the Powershot 3d-A1sT, a powerful 15 mega-pixel compact, waterproof camera that is capable of shooting high definition 3D video clips. Played back on an HD TV and viewed through the normal 3D glasses this is going to change those precious family moments forever.

At $250 this is a steal!

For yotties, however, the camera has a more pragmatic application: because it is waterproof it can act as a forward-pointing sonar. When synched with Google Earth running the ‘oceans’ layer (underwater bathymetric contour data), the yachtsman can now draw true, real-time submarine information. The 3D imagery fed from the camera can be rendered on a standard laptop. No more excuses for grounding the boat.

3D digital camera technology has been around for a while but this is the first commercially available, waterproof camera that records directly on to a standard SD card. At $250 this is surely one of the biggest leaps in digital camera technology and is going to revolutionise both the compact camera market and, more importantly, affordable high-tech navigation for sailors.

And there was me saving up for a full-frame dSLR! I want one!

Find out where to get one here.

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20 Comments on “Canon’s Waterproof, 3D Digital Compact Camera – Bargain!”

  1. I’m pretty sure that this is the same 3D technology that James Cameron was going to provide for the next Mars Rover mission except it was to be linked to Google Mars. I think he was going to provide 2 cameras so, perhaps in view of budget cuts, NASA baulked at the combined cost of $500 when deciding not to use it.

    The Moon programme gave us non-stick frying pans but the Mars programme gives us underwater 3d sonar – how cool is that.

  2. I see that the Hasselblad H4D was launched at the show. Is the “4D” just to stay ahead of the opposition?

  3. I told my son this morning that the govt. are tightening up on home schooling, French style, and that from now on he had to do 6 hours per day. Further, they were going to start sending out inspectors every 3 months to check……….

    He nearly cried!

    Am I a bad parent?

  4. Great bit of kit Jamie, but you failed to mention the inter-rectal attachment that allows you to film the bullshit in full glorious technicolor dolby 3D. The news on the street is that this model is already obsolete as a new bio-deagradeable version made from potato peelings and depleted uranium will hit the market in time for Christmas.

    Keep up the good work!


  5. “When synched with Google Earth running the ‘oceans’ layer (underwater bathymetric contour data), the yachtsman can now draw true, real-time submarine information.”

    VERY INTRIGUING… BUT A BIT OF EXPLANATION OF HOW EXACTLY TO DO THIS ….SYNCING ETC …WOULD BE A WELCOME HINT …for the time beeing i will stick to the echo sounder …

  6. too obviously fake – shoulda picked a sensible price, and not said “15mp” – pick something plausible, like 12.1 or 16 or something. Also – the depth sounder craziness – wtf?

    Maybe if you’d scammed something about it having a parallax barrier screen, that might have made sense; if hooked up to a laptop and GPS.

    for what its worth – the fuji W1 is a real 3D cam, and happens now to be on special for around $88

  7. OK, 1 April…

    Ist there actually a good 3D-Camera?
    =>3 optical Zoom, possibly waterproof, possibly GPS…

  8. Aaaargh – it’s Dec 31st 2019 and I was looking to see if Canon had ever done a compact 3D camera. After finding this article I’ve been hunting to find it on eBay and wondering why I couldn’t find one, or any other reviews! Have just come back to this article and read the comments – Damn!!!! It was April Fools! Have to stick to my Fujifilm W3.

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