Running aground, sailing defensively, catching big fish!

Saying goodbye to the Kinatabangan River was hard, it was an experience we’ll never forget. But we had to move on and in this case it meant heading out into the Sulu Sea and the most dangerous waters in Sabah.

We made decent going and Liz caught a barracuda (her biggest fish ever) on the way, so we forgot about the danger.

Jamie holding on to our giant barracuda

At anchor in another stunning channel off the eastern most point of the state we were once again put on alert for piracy. Our ESSCOM escort patrolled all night and it was anchor watch for most of us, with the sounds of the dripping mangroves to keep us company.

First light

We were ready to leave early, but there’s a shifting sand bar beneath murky water to navigate first…

Getting help from locals and cruisers

Thank you for your support and for encouraging our travel story-telling.

Peace and fair winds,
Liz and Jamie xx


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