Woofers And Tweeters

Pat and Tony are country people at heart and it’s always a joy to talk to them about various aspects of nature as we travel towards India. In this brief chat on a windy day we board ‘Full Flight’ and learn about their time back in the South Downs in the UK. Dog lead and binoculars at the ready…

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4 Comments on “Woofers And Tweeters”

  1. This is fabulous! Very fun to get closer to you all on the rally. (I am daughter of Dan and Mary on Still Dreaming.) If they are interviewed for podcast, best of luck getting Dan to ‘not talk about boats or sailing.’ 😉

  2. Hi Jamie, You did well to get my brother to talk so much.! I know more about his travels than I did before. I’ve only sailed with him on the Medway/Thames Estuary. I knew you do these podcasts and have listened to others. Well done.!

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