Rama Drama

Rama, a classic 1968 super yacht

Rama, a classic 1968 super yacht

Introduction to delivering a classic 50m motor yacht

Eating curried banana soup whilst corkscrewing through a F6 without stabilisers on one of the most beautiful and classic 50m motor yachts to Malta. Funny memory to take with you to your grave, but I won’t forget this little trip in a hurry!

Having spent much of the winter aboard Rama producing The Porthole, and spending Christmas Day around the dinner table with 18 friends, it was only fitting that Liz and I were invited to help deliver Rama to Malta, along with Gordon, the chief engineer who we had befriended over the winter period. The deal was that we could come along for the ride providing we helped out with a bit of cooking and watching – no great shakes considering our food and return flights would be provided for, plus the chance to check out Malta for a few days whilst staying on board for nothing! Who’d turn down an opportunity like this? Well, let’s not forget Rama hasn’t left Marmaris bay for five years, there’s legal and financial issues surrounding the ownership of it…and the stabilisers don’t work (I’m typing this entry on the laptop in a rather bendy saloon). Oh, and aren’t we supposed to be sailors? I thought sailors had a hatred for stink pots and gin palaces? Well, here’s a few reasons why we love Rama and why it’s a bit ‘different’ to sailing:


  • It’s so big it has a telephone in each room to contact each other;
  • It does 10 knots at 850rpm;
  • The cabins have mirrored ceilings and king size beds;
  • They also have proper bathrooms with baths. And bath robes;
  • The galley is as big as a restaurant kitchen, and just as well equipped;
  • Nothing has to be bolted down or stowed away because Rama is a smooth ride. Yeah, right! Did anyone know how Rama would cope in a F6 with no stabilisers? Someone didn’t because here are some famous last words:
    • Karen: Isn’t it like sailing where everything has to be secured?
    • Mario: No, there’s no need for that.


One of these people was correct in their assumption. Continue reading to see who that was and to read our account of the trip. A funny mix of sailors this lot, believe me!


Video Clip

Here’s a little clip of Rama’s interior, hosted by youtube (in high res). No google alternative I’m afraid so if you can’t see the clip below there’s no alternative. Sorry!



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