“Mumbai, Mumbai” – The Official FTB Song!

Followtheboat has an anthem! You’ve heard the official World Cup song by Shakira but we’ve gone one step better by signing up the even more beautiful female vocalist, Annie May, to write and sing FTB’s 2010 Indian Anthem.

As yet unknown to the playlists of myspace and XFM Annie is an unsigned artist whose style is best described as post-punk-folk-acoustic. This video clip has not yet been released but we are featuring it here on followtheboat as an exclusive to our readers.

Backing artist and co-producer Fuzzy Freak said that the track was laid down in minutes. “It was a complete improv”, he claims.  “Apologies for guitar playing, Annie was sitting on my knee and some of those chords were hard to reach”. We have it on good authority that the producers will be working on a dance mix later on in the week but in the meantime here is the clip. We especially like the freestyle solo half way through and the ‘repeat-to-fade’ chorus, all wrapped up in a clever play on words. Don’t miss the followtheboat plug at the end, it’s quite special. Any comments left at the end of the page will be forwarded on to Annie May. Shake your booty!

If you are on a slow connection please allow the clip to download first by pausing the clip and nipping off to make a cup of tea.

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9 Comments on ““Mumbai, Mumbai” – The Official FTB Song!”

  1. totaly awesome well done annie you’ve got my vote (not sure about the dodgy guy with the guitar tho, he could hold you back 😀 )

  2. What a sweetheart! It is so wonderful to watch a child be a child and have such a loving and totally understanding accompanist! Beautiful! 😀

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