More Than An Experience. A Conquest

Today is my wife’s birthday, but I am not celebrating.  I am lying on a bed, in my childhood room, in my parent’s house having a panic attack.

My palms are sweating, my neck is tightening, my pulse is racing, I want to run, I want to hide.

For those afflicted with anxiety and the fear of flying, you need no explanations; for those who have the freedom to go as they please, words alone would not help you understand.  It is my nemesis.  I know so much about the World, yet have seen so little; I want to see more and I have been given the opportunity to go to a country I have never graced, a culture I have not experienced, a language I have never uttered.   Ultimately though, I will be visiting Jamie, Liz and Millie on Esper and it is this that has once again put me in the lion’s den.

You are not just reading about an experience, for me this is a conquest. Click the ‘Next Post’ link, below, to read my account…

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