Like A Coffin

Jordan and Leah are the youngest rally participants and this impromptu recording caught them hanging out on their boat, Storm Dodger, on New Year’s Day. We get a little glimpse of what it’s like to be a teenager and young girl and, get this, Jordan even invites us into his cabin! A rare opportunity not to be missed!

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4 Comments on “Like A Coffin”

  1. How are they?

    How are they enjoying the sailing?

    Sailing is great for teenagers, I loved it before being kicked off to school. Oh well.

    Keep up the updates, and let’s hope Jordan cheers up a bit!!

  2. Shame on those kids parents! When I was sixteen, I was living a proper life, getting arrested, hanging around the town car-park and squeezing zits!

  3. 🙄 hey mum dad Jordan and Leah, missing you all loads i am off to sea soon on the mighty Ark. love you all loads x x x

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