Indian Navy Demonstrates How To ‘Do’ Pirates Properly!

This morning the marina manager brought us the fantastic news that the Indian navy has caught yet another boat load of pirates! It was a huge catch with 61 seized in all. Yep, 61 of the b******s. Good.

In one report it mentions that they were caught off the Keralan port of Cochin, but fear not, it was 700 miles away, putting them closer to the Lakshadweep Islands. The Indian Navy pursued a Mozambique flagged vessel, Vega 5, which was captured by pirates in December and used as a mothership for other attacks in that area of the Arabian Sea. Fortunately all 13 captive crew were rescued.

According to The Hindu:

“Launching the operation on Saturday night, INS Kalpeni, a water jet fast attack craft, closed in on the mother pirate vessel, which launched two skiffs that fired at the naval vessel. The Navy responded with limited firing, which resulted in fire breaking out on Vega 5, Navy spokesman Commodore P.V.S. Satish said… Preliminary investigations revealed that the pirates were carrying about 80 to 90 small arms/rifles and a few heavy weapons like rocket propelled grenades. Several pirate attacks had been carried out from this vessel. Naval officers said apprehending these pirates meant thwarting eight to ten possible attacks since they carry out strikes in small groups… On Friday night, the Navy patrol aircraft, while responding to a call from MV Vancouver Bridge under pirate attack, located Vega 5. On seeing the naval aircraft, the pirates immediately aborted their attempt and the mother vessel tried to escape. The aircraft tracked the pirate ship till its interception.”

The success-rate of the Indian navy and the coast guard is commendable. In two months they have captured two pirate vessels and over 100 pirates.

What’s most encouraging, however, is the photograph that has been issued along with the report. It’s a photo of all 61 pirates sitting like lame ducks on board the navy vessel.


Whilst I do not condone the death penalty I do hope these pirates are proverbially strung up alive by the Indian justice system. Good riddance to them.

More info here.

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9 Comments on “Indian Navy Demonstrates How To ‘Do’ Pirates Properly!”

    1. Haha! Good point, Mike. They still owe us a few hundred for that damage, but if they’ve just paved the way for us yotties to freely sail the Arabian Sea once again then I suppose one could argue it’s a fair swap 😉

  1. Lets hope the Indian justice system still has some BALLS !!!
    It’d be pointless having a Royal Navy ship capture them. They’d end up with a council house and masses of benefits paid for by us as we’d not be allowed to deport them because that would be against their human f****** rights..
    They should be left in the middle of the ocean with no propulsion, comms, or water. Maybe give them a few bacon butties and a crate of Stella (wife beater) to keep them going and let Allah save them if he wills it !!!.grrrrrrrr

  2. Ah.. so this bunch will be send through the Indian Justice system, never to be heard again.
    They will not be killed, but send in to prison, “awaiting trial” for their entire life.

  3. Though opposed to capital punishment, I find piracy a scourge that should be honored in the time honored way. Pirates need to be hanged from a yard immediately upon capture. As a sailor I expect nothing less.

  4. No Death penalties in India..Although capital punishment still exists it is given in rarest of the rare conditions…Since 1995 only 1 execution has taken mostly these guys would be feeding happily on taxpayers money for a long time…

  5. These folks deserves good living, food, shelter and most of all education, rather than putting them in prison and feeding them on tax payers money. why don’t utilize the money to make them good citizen and return them back so they can be good Samaritans, i am sure India has the heart for that. Live long India..

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