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brightcloud1We left Gümüslük nice and early and headed towards Kos, leaving Catal Ada to port. At one point we had to switch courtesy flags since we were much closer to Kos than anywhere in Turkey. I’d already visited Kos as a foot passenger earlier in the month in order to renew my visa and I had no intention of going there again. Despite getting the sails up for the first hour we furled them away after passing Kos because there was no useful wind at all. Still the beauty of Mersincik and the headland of Knidos was enough to keep us occupied.

Unfortunately we were accompanied by a Sunsail flotilla which potentially could have scuppered our plans to anchor by Knidos but they went off elsewhere and we had plenty of room to anchor in the crystal clear waters of Knidos bay. However a mish mash of already anchored yachts made positioning ourselves quite difficult so after dropping anchor once and swinging round dangerously close to another boat we upped anchor and did as the pilot book suggested that no one in the vicinity had tried: anchor stern-to to the break water wall and tie to it. Time for Ethan to get wet! Considering this was the first time Ethan and Chris had executed a manoeuvre like this they did really, really well. The great thing about these two was that they didn’t arse about. They listened and did as they were told until the boat was safe and secure. Proof that the best crew are not always the most qualified. In fact we executed our anchorage so well that another guy in a French-flagged boat who was having problems anchoring decided to copy us!

The approach to Knidos from Bodrum

The approach to Knidos from Bodrum

After a swim we raced up the side of the mountain that looks out across to the west and once at the peak we took in the sunset. A sight to behold as the pictures will testify. The walk back down was a little less arduous but it was strange seeing all these random signposts pointing to cliff edges and sheer drops. Very odd. Chris and I were to see more of these tomorrow….

A stunning sunset from Knidos Peninsular

A stunning sunset from Knidos Peninsular

Ethan taking in the sunset from Knidos

Ethan taking in the sunset from Knidos


Knidos at dusk


Knidos at sundown

Video Clip

We’ve gone on about Knidos at great length, and it features in this movie section a few times too, so here’s some evidence of why we keep going on about it! This clip had to be edited because everywhere we turned there was another relic or ruin or structure. It was too much to take in so this is just a little example of what Knidos is all about.


And if the youtube version didn’t work try this google one instead.


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