Cruising’s Dirty Little Secret

[S03E09] In this podcast we open up about cruising’s dirtiest secrets, including the dangers that keep our adrenaline flowing. And we discuss what it’s like to face death.

Jump to the bit that interests you most using these time codes…
00:00 Where we are and where we are going
02:09 The warm welcome of Tarakan
04:55 What happened to the sailing vlog?
07:49 Why we don’t show a map…
08:32 All about sailing – Ep 293
09:17 What are we trying to do?
13:47 We MUST be flexible
14:58 Circumnavigating is easy!
15:55 The cost of sailing in Marine Parks
18:35 Is the sailing as important as the destination?
20:36 Can you sail in SE Asia?
23:11 Why do we all want to quit?
26:17 We have faced death
27:20 Hero Sailing is for dummies
30:04 Don’t Mention the Noise! Music, though?
32:25 What are those flashing strobes on our boat?
36:09 Jamie’s apology to Liz
38:00 How do we deal with bugs?

Our no-holds-barred, no-frills podcasts are an unedited look at sailing and travel. They are our way of keeping up with you in as close to real-time as possible. If you have a comment, don’t forget to send us a tweet to @followtheboat on Twitter to get our attention.

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