A Special Birthday Video Clip

I know some of you simply don’t have the time or the energy to read all our stories, so as a special birthday treat I’ve pulled out all the stops and created an exclusive animated version of Liz’s tale, ‘Murder on the Kolkata Express’.

Some of you may have read this brilliant short story already but wait till you get a load of this, this is quite unique. It’s a lot of fun too.

Happy birthday, Liz!

You can go full-screen and even watch it in HD (took me about a day to upload). Usual youtube controls apply.

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3 Comments on “A Special Birthday Video Clip”

  1. Amazing, how did you do it? The animation of you, Jamie, reminds me of your younger self! A great Birthday tribute to Liz.

    1. Well it took two days of my life to complete but I think it was worth it. Unfortunately I don’t sport as much hair as my avatar does in this version!

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