FTB Extra #07 | FTB’s take on the Southampton Boat Show

We came across a number of restaurants and bars, but for once had to pass them by because we needed to shoot as much footage as possible before driving back to Essex. There were marquees packed with everything you never thought you needed in the galley, alongside fantastic bits of gleaming machinery for engines and decks. The atmosphere was buzzy. Exhibitors shiny with anticipation and visitors wide-eyed with the intent to buy.

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Penang’s Chemical Brother

On Georgetown’s most famous road, Chulia Street, resides this UNESCO World Heritage Site’s most famous resident. Down one of the covered walkways that are characteristic of Penang’s old town, nestled between a workshop refurbishing engine parts and a nick-nac store selling over-priced antiques, sits Liangtraco – ‘Chemicals and Apparatus’.

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13 Stupid Things Landlubbers Say

Let’s face it, when it comes to sailing our landlubber friends just don’t get it, gawd bless ’em! Fair enough, it’s a lifestyle, not a pursuit, so unless you’ve been there why should you know your port from your starboard? Even so, some of these clangers are inexcusable. With much thanks to the Liveaboard community over on the YBW forum who contributed some of these priceless gems.

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Ships That Pass In The Night

“Ships that pass in the night” is a great nautical term that has passed into everyday English parlance. In this podcast we go back to its original context and pass not just another ship in the night but a strange, alien-like object too. Under the cover of darkness identifying what these things are is a great game that whiles away the night watches.

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