Captain ($50 per month)

Captains receive the following benefits for keeping up crew morale:

  • Your name in our roll call on FTB YouTube episodes (UN-check the box below if you would prefer to opt out of this)
  • Early-bird FTB YouTube videos
  • Posting and commenting in our Q&A forum
  • Entry into the monthly prize draw
  • FTB Merch discount
  • Free hi-res images (they make great desk-top wallpapers and are big enough to print out as posters)
  • VIP Mates-only videos
  • VIP Premium content
  • FTB Dog-tag with unique number*
  • FTBMates mug*
  • FTBMates hat*
  • FTBMates t-shirt*

*Please note that all FTBMates merch kicks-in the third month of membership.