You Have Church Bells, We Have Mullahs

Yesterday was Friday, holy day here in Egypt, and there was no mistaking it! All day the town reverberated with the sound of the mullah calling the men to prayer, a sound that is amplified through the many speakers adorning the minarets. Jamie jumped on his bike and recorded a little tour of these sounds, which are quite extraordinary to the western ear.

This is quite a raw recording and you’ll note in the twelve minutes of footage not once do you not hear the mullah.

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6 thoughts on “You Have Church Bells, We Have Mullahs”

  1. Dear Liz&Jamie,
    Seems like youre having a good time in Egypt..I hope you have enough booze suplies to cover up all the way to Indıa..But the reason I called up to say,:I WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS& A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR… + 😆 All the best conditions for your trip,loads of fish,good winds& joy..Much love…..

  2. Hi sweeties, you doing a nice job and we are missing you a lot down here in Turkey. Hope to watch more stuff from ur journey. If you ever come back here, don´t miss my new place in Bozburun The Pirates Cove Bar & Restaurant ( Thee place in town)
    Love and all the best, Thomas (Viva-solo) :mrgreen:

  3. Mike and Lesley Furlong

    Your decriptions bring back vivid memories of the Hurgharda street scenes and we particularly remember the goats and Nomads. You are right in saying a “herd” of goats, but they can also be a “tribe”. Pleased we were at sea on the Friday – we would have had even less sleep. The Muezzin seems to have outdone the taxi drivers in this case.
    Love Mum and Dad 😛

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