Yacht Marina Manager Killed In Shooting

In case our sailing friends haven’t heard the shocking news, we received an email this evening forwarded on by Fiona of Roam II, who received this message from Gaby and Paul who are based in Yacht Marina, Marmaris, Turkey. Yacht Marina is where Liz and I wintered in 2007-08. The email reads thus:

Hi Everybody

It is our very sad duty to report that Demokan, Mr Bilgins son and Owner Manger of Yacht Marina was shot and killed in Fethiye last night. It is thought that this resulted from an argument.

If you wish to send your condolences to the family then the best route  would be through info@yachtmarin.com addressed to Mr Bilgin and Family

It is expected that the funeral will be in Istanbul in the next day or two.


Gaby and Paul


If you have any comments you would like to post up we will be sure to pass them on.


Demokan Özkaynak, who was manager of Marmaris Yacht Marina


We don’t like spreading unfounded misinformation but we suspect that this news item, from today’s Fethiye Times, may be linked to the story above. We will, of course, confirm whether it is the same incident as soon as we know more.


This week’s ‘only in Turkey’ story took place in Çatalarık where the enmity between two neighbouring families, arising from an occasion where the male head of one family accused his counterpart of riding a motorcycle too fast, finally spilled over into a battle. Of course it started with verbal arguments, then the heads of both families produced pump action shot guns and started firing. Four people were injured and taken away by ambulance, following which the police arrived to find the battle continuing with weapons such as iron bars, branches and stone throwing. Reinforcements had to be called out before the one and a half hour incident was finally brought under control, and eleven people arrested. Police then raced to add additional security to that in existence at the State Hospital. Investigations are continuing.


Source: Fethiye Times


Ian of ‘Rhumb Do‘ forwarded on a link from a Google-translated Turkish news site that appears to corroborate reports that his death was over a parking row at the Bay Hotel. He was shot once in the stomach and the owner of the hotel has been arrested.

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19 Comments on “Yacht Marina Manager Killed In Shooting”

  1. I met Demokan last year in Yacht Marina, we shared immediately our passion for mountains! We dreamed to climb in Himalaya together. He was dreaming high mountains, hard climbs, he was ready to take any risk. A great guy, plenty of energy and passion. I’m just arrived in the marina, my goal was to meet Demokan tomorrow and to continue our mountains dreams…

  2. The official story from the Marina Front Office is that Demokan was killed in a car parking dispute.

    1. Yes, this is the latest we have heard. He was due for a meeting and tried to park in a hotel car park and was denied permission… still no details as yet though. Thanks for the update.

  3. Our deapest condolences go to Bilgin Bey and his wife and family. I knew him as a boy and watched him grow to manhood. He took on a difficult challenge to step into his fathers shoes and run yatmarine, without any previous experience. Out sailing in the agean we only just heard the sad news. Steve and Jane Saxton, S/Y Dreamcatcher

  4. Everyone I have spoken to seems agreed that Demokan was there for a motorbike rally and that the person who shot Demokan dead is the owner of a hotel in the Fhetiye / Gocek area and that he is in jail. As this is a police matter the full story many not be known until any trial, if then. Reasons given differ from source to source, I take no responsibility for relaying them or saying which is correct or which false, they include: the hotel owner was building and/or cutting down trees contrary to the recommendations/ regulation of an environmental / planning committee including Demokan, that he is really a “Mafia” type, or that it was about parking. Another story is that Demokan family spent a pleasant evening as good friends with the hotel owner family only 6 weeks or so ago. A condolence letter has been delivered on behalf of the CA, and I have also written a note on behalf of all of us in the condolence book in the lobby.

  5. We all travelled to Istanbul Boat Show this year with Demokan. A very friendly and generous man. Has was always “hands on ” in the marina, in particular when the we had the Jan/Feb storms. He would often stop for a chat on India pontoon. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. My sincere condolences go out to his family and friends.

  6. i am so shocked and so saddened at this news. I am in a state of disbelief. Demo lived in our college while he studied in Australia. He was one of our favourites. Loved by fellow students and a great person to have around. The college is very saddened by this. We send our love to his family.
    Vicky Deane

  7. I met Demokan in Robert Menzies College, Sydney, Australia in 2006. He was a student at Macquarie University.
    He was a gentleman and very passionate about mountain climbing. He wanted to visit me in Pakistan to climb K-2 in my home town. Never happened though.
    May his soul rest in peace. Amin
    Hope his family is able to bear this un-recoverable loss.

  8. may GOD rest him in peace! My deep condoleance for his familly!the worth thing what can happend is to see how dai your chaild.. im so sorry…

  9. What the hell is going on? I really can’t believe this news! Who are the people responsible? I want to take revenge !!!!

  10. This morning 6th August 2012,i was at the kebab shop in Sydney & met an old Turkish friend came up told me about what happened 2 years ago to Demokan….I nearly pass out, i was very shocked & heartbreaking because Demokan Eren was my first boyfriend….We met in 1998 on George street,Sydney.. I am still shaking,and i am very very very heartache about Demokan….. I am as sad as his family. If anyone see this please be kindly & send my deepest condolences to Demokan families. I really wish I could fly to Turkey to pay my respect to Demokan…..Dearest Demokan father & mother,I feel as sad as you both & i am so…so… heartache to have losing Demokan…I will always ,always remember this very special man who appeared in my life shared with my many first time,Demokan Eren..
    I will always always miss my DEMOKAN………

    Love always: Nicole Lim

  11. I haven’t stop thinking about DEMOKAN after knew he is long gone now. I never stop thinking of DEMOKAN since we broke up. Because he was so special to me. I am so heartache to knew you are gone. I miss you demokan & I always,always will remember every sweet moment we spent in every corner of Sydney 14 years ago. Love forever & ever : Nicole Lim

  12. I haven’t stop thinking of demokan…
    I know I will never ever forget about demokan even after 10 years or 20 years later…I tried to send emails to his dad & brothers but nobody response to me. Since that day I found out his death,I haven’t stop crying. To anyone demokan is dead & that’s all,but not to me,I wish it was a horrible nightmare but it wasn’t..
    I wish demokan was alive….I wish he never got that one shot which took his precious life…..demokan,I will never,never,never get you out of my mind,I couldn’t stop grieving over you,once I get up in the morning,all my mind was demokan is long gone,I couldn’t enjoy anything in my life at the moment because of you. I keep thinking of how we met 14 years ago….I am just like your family so hurt & painful that you are gone….I miss you demokan…..

  13. I couldn’t sleep or focused at work since I knew you are long gone. I wish I never find out & I wish it never happened. I wish you knew how much I cared for you since the first day we met. I wish you knew how important & how much you were meant for me. Every time I went to darling harbour I couldn’t stop thinking our first date. I really,miss you.

  14. I never stop thinking of you. I couldn’t stop thinking of you. I wish you were alive & I thanked god let me found out your death. I will never stop thinking of you demokan. I will always keep all beautiful memories we have spent together in 1999. I always loved you.

  15. Well, another year has passed. Once again I find it so hard to understand that Demo is not here. My family and I have so many wonderful memories of the times that Demo spent with us. He was like another son to Mark and I. His family were so kind to me when I visited Istanbul. Demo was passionate about life, his family was so important to him. His great respect for all that his father had achieved and his big brother love for his younger brother. He loved and held his mother in such high esteem. He cared deeply for the environment and just loved climbing mountains. He was a faithful, loving friend. Thank you Demo for all the help you gave us. We think of you often and pray for peace for your family.

  16. Today is 23/4/2014.
    Demokan was born on this day.
    Finally,I have been in touch with Demokan’s family & let them know I am also heartbroken like them.

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