Winner of The Guardian’s Monthly Travel Photography Competition

My Christmas came early this year. I’m chuffed to announce that I won October’s Guardian ‘Been There’ travel photography competition! The theme was ‘Weather’ and I submitted an image of school girls splashing their way through a monsoon puddle.

The judge, Natalie Mayer, said:

“This is a splendid image. Lovely composition, very graphic and striking. Beautifully rendered in black and white. There is stunning movement and feeling in this image. A very well deserved winner; I would like to see more from this photographer.”

Stoked? Short of being published in NatGeo this is a near-impossible achievement. I was shortlisted for their comp a couple of months ago but to win a round is incredible and now puts me in the running for their Travel Photographer of the Year. Not sure I’ll win that but if I do I’m buying everyone a drink. Sod it, have a drink on me anyway, it’s almost Christmas 🙂

Check out the gallery on the Guardian website and feel free to leave a comment on their gallery.

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33 Comments on “Winner of The Guardian’s Monthly Travel Photography Competition”

  1. Hi Jamie, I’m Marina, Alex’s friend! When she showed me your amazing body of work I was taken by this image, I thought it was stunning , so I’m chuffed I have the eye for a good photo, ha! The tones are so good & the feeling of joy it emits is superb, but what I really love is the reflection. I think this is why I also liked the image submitted by Burden, I found McDonald’s entry really pleasing, your competition was indeed strong.

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