Where Have The Winds Gone?

Source: M&L Furlong

Source: M&L Furlong

Alas, where did those winds come from? No, we could not risk it-forecast not good; another day was to be spent on land. We took the opportunity to visit Marmaris town. We already had a brief glimpse of it on the day we arrived in the early hours. A pleasant, but somewhat bumpy ride in the Dolmus, along the coast, passing lovely forests with a hint of autumn colour got us into town.

We followed Jamie & Liz through the dusty streets to a café which had been previously identified by them as a good spot for a light lunch. We enjoyed a leisurely bite in the shade, then trailed through the streets of the Old Town to seek out a non-touristy jewellery shop! We avoided buying anything, but marvelled at the lovely ornate necklaces. We meandered up the cobbled pathway to the castle only to find it closed, but we did not need much persuasion from Jamie & Liz to climb up to the highest café in town for cold refreshments in the Panoramic Bar. We gazed at the beautiful scenery in the bay and were able to see Esper’s berth in the distance.

Source: M&L Furlong

Source: M&L Furlong

We decided that the newer part of Marmaris-hotels, apartments, a MacDonald’s and loads of tourists were not for us. We took a slow walk back to the Dolmus stop via another marina and had a welcome “cuppa” on Esper instead. Our new feline friend was certainly glad to see us again. We noted that her “potty training” was coming along well! We enjoyed games of scrabble later, sipping our aperitifs. Why does Liz always win?! Does she cheat or has she got a method? Our games continued into the evening-we must beat Liz-Lesley even tried to distract Liz by cutting her finger badly, but to no avail. Eventually a late meal was taken in the restaurant – will the wind have dropped sufficiently tomorrow?


View from Marmaris towards Yacht Marina Source: M&L Furlong

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