When two become one

This is our first encounter with ‘civilisation’ since leaving Sabang. Apart from the occasional fisherman, we haven’t spoken to anyone! It’s taken us a couple of hundred miles or more to get this far and we’re now starting to get to know the people who make up these remote places.

Pulau Nias is a fairly large island with a number of towns dotted around its coastline. In Lahewa they see the odd sailboat, but they’re still curious and some young men on fishing boats came to say hello.

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We take a wander around the town and find the inhabitants to be friendly and smiley, but not intrusive. They were genuinely interested in stopping to chat. Everyone who saw us gave us a wave and a big “Hello!”.

Two local fishermen in Lahewa

Tiny Pulau Wunga, just west of the northern coast of Pulau Nias, is very different to its big brother. Once two islands, an earthquake in 2005 lifted the reef and merged them into one, creating a large lagoon in the middle. The few people who live there are more reserved than the islanders we have met so far, but we had a great birds-eye view of this extraordinary location.

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Peace and fair winds!

Liz, Jamie and Millie xxx


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