When Should You Stop Cruising?

[S04E18] We have been cruising around the world full time since 2006. But how long can we keep going? What would make us stop and give it all up? We ask why cruisers stop sailing, and wonder if it’s time for a new adventure…


00:00 Jamie in UK; Liz in Indonesia
02:36 Caring for family
07:50 Six months on; six months off
10:05 Husband on the boat; wife on land
11:35 How do you plan for the long term?
15:27 Health and ageing issues
19:22 How important is making happy memories?
23:49 Mental health (Jamie anxiety podcast)
25:39 Where are we in real time?
26:10 When and why did YOU give up cruising?
27:52 What should we do next?
31:36 NEW followtheboat HATS
32:34 Bum wash alternatives…
33:45 It’s NOT quitting, it’s finding a new challenge!

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When Should You Stop Cruising?

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1 thought on “When Should You Stop Cruising?”

  1. We cruised offshore on our 12 ton Gauntlet, “Tiare Taporo III”, from 2011 to 2018. Prior to that we had lived on the boat on and off the hard for 3 years.
    We sailed from NZ to Thailand and then spent most time between Langkawi and southern Thailand.
    We had put the boat on the market but there is no market for classic wooden yachts in SE Asia.
    So we shipped her to Turkey and sold her there, although not for much money, in 2018.
    We had already bought an apartment in Medellin, Colombia in 2016 and have now retired permanently in El Retiro – about 20 kms SE of Medellin at 7,000 feet altitude and a long way from the sea.
    We are now both 76, so it was definitely time to swallow the anchor.
    We retired here, rather than going back to NZ, because we both wanted more excitement and challenges in life. Although we still miss aspects of the cruising life.
    Good luck with any retirement plans that you may have……..
    Jim Donald and Jean Tallentire

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