When should you start cruising

When Should You Start Cruising? JFDI!

[S04E19] JFDI! Do you want to be a cruiser? Are you planning to become a cruiser? Stop thinking about it! JUST FLIPPING DO IT! 💪

Subjects and time-codes:

  • 00:00 Rats on board…
  • 04:20 How we decided to start living on a boat
  • 08:39 Start looking for boats
  • 10:06 Start travelling
  • 10:31 JFDI! (Stop dreaming; start doing)
  • 11:12 Sailing is easy!
  • 13:03 Think beyond the present moment
  • 13:37 Be honest! Is cruising really for you?
  • 15:25 Start cruising life… slowly
  • 17:38 Biggest hurdle? Money/work
  • 23:27 Making big money from YouTube is a FANTASY
  • 26:49 Don’t start cruising if you are risk averse
  • 27:23 Travel fears
  • 30:19 Don’t listen to bullshit gossip and stories!
  • 33:28 Does extreme weather scare you?
  • 35:27 There are too many dangers!
  • 38:39 Cruising means being alone a lot of the time
  • 42:55 It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work out, at least you tried!
  • 44:18 JFDI 💪

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2 thoughts on “When Should You Start Cruising? JFDI!”

  1. We never had a problem with fishermen – in fact we found them in boatyards we may have shared with them (like PSS in Thailand) to be very friendly and helpful. The biggest problem with fishing boats was trying to ascertain whether they were pair trawling or not. You certainly did not want to be trapped between two trawlers with a net between them. But that was generally just a matter of using discretion – go behind them with a good clearance.
    But forget about radio communication or AIS – or especially lights at night!! Indonesia was the worst for night lights. We had one close encounter which still gives us goosebumps, simply because we (I) made an assumption. NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING!!

  2. “Tiare Taporo III” here – we always enjoy your videos and of course we can relate as we lived on our yacht between NZ and Thailand for 10 years. Your opinions and advice are always well received.
    Jim and Jean

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