When Family Portraits Go Wrong

Narima Koh Lanta Thailand

There’s no Esper refit video this week as we took a few days off to visit our friends in Koh Lanta.

Tariq and Emma were holidaying with their toddler, Spike. Unfortunately the batteries for their camera had run out so I insisted on an informal family portrait on the beach, making the most of a rather splendid sunset. The problem was it was so dark I couldn’t really see what I was doing and ended up with this effort (Emma did say she prefers the unposed shots).

When family portraits go wrong

When family portraits go wrong

Really, though, I just wanted to show off the marvelous skies we had that evening.

Narima Koh Lanta Thailand

Narima Koh Lanta Thailand

Despite the fact it’s Songkran (Buddhist New Year) and the workers are off, we will be returning to the yard tomorrow to get on with some work. Usual refit update will return next week.

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10 Comments on “When Family Portraits Go Wrong”

  1. Get the Oly 12mm if you like wide angle. I haven’t taken it off my camera in months. The Panasonic 14mm is a steal too, that’s what I use for my flash/street stuff. Tiny.

  2. We miss the weekly video. ¬†Isn’t that your job? ¬†And Songkran is not an English holiday you know.
    Apart from giving you a hard time glad to see you are taking some well earned time off. I know how good you are at that har har.
    We’re in Singapore ready to head back to 2C at night and 15C high. Yikes are we able to do it. ¬†Am SOOOOOO glad to get out of the heat and humidity. ¬†Haven’t worn shoes in 2 years and already have blisters after 2 days. ¬†Also haven’t had a hot shower in three months so reveling in the luxury!
    Hope coming week goes well….

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