Meet The Liveaboard Boats

This is a followtheboat podcast first: in response to an email from a podcast listener we’ve taken on board his comments and produced a programme for him!

Robert Newton of North Yorkshire emailed us the following:

I am listening to all your podcast’s – good work! I would be interested to hear the boat types and sizes that you are cruising in the company of. I aspire to become a cruiser. At the moment we charter but I would really like to take the plunge and buy a yacht and go cruising – but what model? I have the following sort of “short list”  in my mind – but its a bit divorced from reality really (floats free of the real budget):

Sunbeam,   Sirius,   Franchini, Regina of Vindo, Oyster, Moody,  Northwind, Southerly

So, upon receipt of this email we hopped in the dinghy whilst at anchor between Egypt and Sudan, and polled the rally skippers on their thoughts on their own boats. For the record, Robert, there are two Moody’s, an Oyster and a Southerly on the rally, so you’re thinking in the right direction.

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2 thoughts on “Meet The Liveaboard Boats”

  1. It is both surreal and poignant to hear this. I think your website is amazing – so professional Jamie. I am glad you are all safe and wish you fair winds to India.

    Love to all Susie x :mrgreen:

  2. I finally made it to the end and though I prefer dry land, I found it very interesting. It sounds to me as though perhaps layout is the top priority, over and above the rig and the size.

    Perhaps another good question would be for them to recount their Worst Day and their Best Day as boat owners, for me it is the lifestyle comparisons that interest.

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