What’s it like to live on a sailboat?

What's it like to live on a sailboat

What is it like to live on a sailboat? Sailing, diving, fishing, swimming, beach barbecues, what’s not to love about this cruising and liveaboard lifestyle… That’s, of course, when the sailboat is running smoothly and the weather is on your side!

Sailing in circles-what next?

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Sometimes the stars are aligned and circumstances are just right for some sailing, a little diving, fishing for mackerel and a laid-back barbecue with friends.

This episode is an example of the essence of life on a sailboat, the days that we all aspire to. With no maintenance or repairs to worry about, some favourable (if light) winds, and a break in the draconian movement control orders here, we take it easy on Sabah’s western coast.

What's it like to live on a sailboat

These are the moments cruising liveaboards treasure.

We take a look at Liz’s new fishing rig set-up, but there is a disappointing fish fail in this week’s video! And Jamie talks through some of the equipment he uses for filming underwater.

living on a sailboat

We don’t normally take our cameras ashore for barbecues and beach-combing, but this spot on the coast of western Sabah was too good not to photograph.

Watch the full video here…

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Peace and fair winds!

Liz and Jamie

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