worst boat yard job

Boat Yard Surprises (Good and Bad)!

I guess we could argue about what is the worst boat yard job all day, especially around the ‘table of bollocks’.

It was stiflingly hot, but we needed to get on with those regular boat jobs. Back from our first journey home to the UK, Liz gave SY Esper the once-over, while Jamie revealed an unexpected problem.

worst boat yard job
‘Allo ‘Allo – What’s going on here then?

Three rallies came through the marina, each with their own agendas. We were happy to meet new people, and grateful to be invited to some of the revels and celebrations put on by the organisers. Have you ever seen Sasak stick fighting? It’s noisy!

There is one job Liz hates more than all the rest, and she does it almost every time SY Esper is hauled out.

worst boat yard jobLet’s face it, every job demands a certain amount of application, persistence and knowledge, and if you’re a sailor you’ll understand that boat yard jobs are essential to keeping your sailboat in tip-top shape, ready for the next adventure.

We even know cruisers who revel in being in boat yards, they love it! Not us, we prefer to get in and out asap, then on to gentle cruising to new places.

worst boat yard job
Something lurks beneath us

It’s interesting to get the opportunity to look back at our time in the boat yard and see all the work we did. But it’s even better knowing that we don’t have to do any of these jobs again for a while.

sailboat haul out methodsWe hope you enjoy the episode, which you can watch RIGHT NOW on YouTube…

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